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The " Season " usually starts in the Autumn and goes through until the end of March. this is to give me time in the Spring and Summer, to gather new material. The lectures or talks, whatever you want to call them can, and have been aimed at audiences ranging from hundreds to one person. I don't mind
really, as long as they enjoy it - and they usually do.
I would point out that I have a weird sense of humour, and the talks may often be quite light hearted !

The backbone of my subjects is the natural history of the Wyre Forest, a subject dear to my heart and one which I
am probably most conversant with.
But after several years in France and Spain I can talk about that too, especially the Picos in northern Spain.
It is an area that I have really fallen in love with, for want of a better phrase, and to be honest could spend my remaining years in. It will not last much longer as an example of almost medieval times, with the advance of tourism , and I hate to say that I feel I have seen it at it's best.

The talks can last as long or short as you want !

Here are some examples of the range of lectures that I am able to give. I try to keep it to a minimum to save changing the slides too much, which can take a long time.

The Natural History of the Wyre Forest

The Natural history of the Picos De Europa
Wild Orchids of France and Northern Spain
The Bird Life of England and Wales
Thirty Years a Warden
(This is definitely an 'After Dinner ' one )


After many years experience in the field of habitat creation such as the conservation site at the Royal Show site at Stoneleigh, and other places like Lambeth Palace, I am able to give advice on the subject. This includes pond creation, (a specialty ), wildflower meadows, and woodland planting for example.

I am also able to carry out ecological surveys, for whatever reason, especially those in woodland, prior to an application for a Woodland Grant Scheme, or the more recent native Woodland Sceme.
I am an accredited surveyor for the Forestry Commission, and Forest Enterprise

Pictures from my collection of approximately 20,000 transparencies are available for publication, or use in exhibitions, displays, presentations, or personal use.
There is normally a small search fee
To see what exactly is available, return to the
SUBJECTS page, and click on the category, or thumbnail picture
and this will take you to a detailed list of the species, locations, and habitats etc.
The charges are negotiable according to intended use.


A large collection of wildlife sound recordings gathered together over the past
40 years. All originals are on reel to reel twin track 7  1/2 ips.

Subjects include Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, and Insects.

In the first instance contact me by Email



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