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A good range of pictures from various regions, with emphasis on woodland, flora, and scenery.
Areas covered include : Brittany -Central - Loire Valley  - Northern - Pyrennees - Camargue - Jura
Dordoigne - La Briere.

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All the usual scenic material, with good shots of grassland nest sites -Godwits, Redshank etc.
Texel included. Birds such as Godwit, Redshank, Avocet, Oyster catcher Little tern, etc.

Limited coverage concentrated mainly around the Dingle and  Killarny.

Extensive pictures however of the Burren  and the world famous limestone flora. Spectacular mountain shots from Mount Brandon, and many archeological site pictures.  Rural life and Peat cutting.


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This has been my favourite area for many years now.
Spectacular shots of the scenery and amazing flora, 
ranging from alpine to hay meadows. Rural life and buildings and good wildlife coverage, especially White Storks, Alpine Choughs ,etc.

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