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For anyone out there interested in the subject, I started off with a Pentax , and over the years have worked my way through nine of them.
In fact I still use the last one for close - up work, with a 90 mm Pentax macro -- that must be a collectors item by now ! I soon started to sell pictures for publications and many have been used all over the world. I had much material in a part work called " The Living Countryside" , and was a regular contributor to the R.S.P.B magazines.

My real claim to fame was winning the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award in the plant section, in 1985. I won a Minolta X700 camera, which was good, but I was so used to the Pentax system that it took a long time to adapt. Since then I acquired a large format Mamiya 645 and another couple of Minoltas.
As far as lenses go, I have dozens, but mainly use a Tamron 70 - 210mm , for hide work, and the old Pentax or standard Minolta for close work. I have a 100 - 500 Cosinon for long range work.

After working free lance for many years I finally put a lot of material with Woodfall Wild Images, a mainly wildlife photographic agency.
And that is where we are now.
At the moment I am re - working as much freshwater wildlife as possible. I have a whole series of tanks set up including running water. This is much less strenuous than struggling up a mountainside with a hide and all the gear


Every thing is now digital.  I finally took the plunge about two and a half years ago.

I have all Nikon Cameras - a D100 and a D70 s

I have a Nikor 80-400 VR zoom and a Nikor 300MM

Recently acquired a Sigma 100-300mm Ex f4 with various converters.

I wish I had had this gear years ago.!

Many of my pictures can be seen on these internet sites -





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